Kangan Petro Refining Company

Introduction of Company


The 12th phase located in the last east southern  part of  south pars gas field in the  boarder line with Qatar . Its marine parts is about 150 kilometer from the Iran coastal line and its desert parts in the Kangan district (65 km of west Aasalooyeh). This phase is the largest phase (3 times bigger than other phases).

This phase produced 81 million cube meters rich gas daily. In this phase Rich gas is used without recovering of Ethane . because of the importance of combinations of this gas  such as Ethane, propane, Butane, +C5, the Kangan Petri Refining Company is established.

Kangan Petro Refining project includes 2 phases:

First phase : Ethane failure & recovering plane for recovering the valuable products such as  such as Ethane, propane, Butane, +C5, from the natural rich gas.

Second phase:  carking plane of Ethane & polymer includes Olefin , Heavy & lightest poly ethylene, Mono Ethylene glycol and etc. this project is established for supplying the products to local  market and also for export.

The project situation

 The kangan site , is located in Khalij-e-fars beach in Booshehr province, 20 kilometers to south east of Kangan and 70 kilometers from asalooyeh approximately.


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Ethane Recovery

Kangan Petro Refining Ethane Recovery Plane

Ethane, propane, Butane, +C5

Kangan Petro Refining

Electricity- District Electricity- Water, steam ,Air, Nitrogen, by Project utility units

Taban farad Petrochemical Company (99.95%), Ofogh Zarrin Mohaseb Company (0.01 %), Kangan Saba Jam Gas & Oil Industrial Complex (0.01%), Saba Karoon Gas & Oil Development Company (0.01%), Navid Sabaye Jam Gas & Oil Development Company (0.01%), Morvarid Pishkesvatan Pars Darkhovin Oil Development Company(0.01%)