Message of Petro Refining Company managing Director, Engineer, Hamid Ghader

I thanks God for helping me to have a great share in execute and establish the Petrochemical infrastructures for our dear Iran. To believe and relying on great god and Iranian Experts and Engineers creativity & abilities  and utilization from local resources besides Modern Technology & knowledge, gave us great share in constructing our Islamic country.

Commitment to fundamentals values such as quality, Immunity and environment which was our main goals of our activities in this years, has prepared and helped to our success and our progress and growth in the projects.

We, by relying in teamwork, accompanied with compassion, sincerity, motivation, honesty , could absorb the reliance of our customers , shareholders and partners and  continued strong, motivated, thoughtful, confident in the progress of execution of company obligations with suitable quality &reasonable coast in the proper time.  Without any doubt , reaching to this valuable achievements relates to the consistent work, colleges, contractors , customers and providers effort which improved during this years with knowledge, experience and commitment in the field full of challenges for improvement and achieving the strategic goals of the company . we rely on great god as the past, and continue to our efforts for rendering services to our country and believe that helping to the economy of the country is our duty. We believe that by concentration in important principles in State petrochemical industry and executing  large project shall be known as a leaders and important companies in the country.


Management System Strategies

Kangan Petro refining company has an important role in development and improvement of petrochemical industry of the country for processing rich gas and Ethane , propane, butane, pentane  recovery with heavier compounds, inlet gas for feeding petro chemistry. This company by believing on continuous improvement in all activities and processes and effort for create suitable field for establish the national and international standards by focusing on  nominal capacity, develop value chain,  effective management of costs , increasing the consent of beneficiaries, continues improvement of performance, integrated management deployment according to the international standards Iso9001/iso45001/isi14001/iso50001are the main purpose of the company and by observing legal rules and regulations, committed to execute and achieving following cases along with sustainability , progress and benefiting:

  • To promote customers satisfaction through improving performance of processes and products and create effective mechanism for receiving the customers viewpoint and rendering suitable feedback
  • To promote employees ability and increasing their satisfactions as a main capitals of the company by the purpose of establish balance in work & life
  • Correct management of human resources, raw materials, financial resources and equipment   as a productive organization and believer in sustainable development
  • To effort for creating the safe & healthy environment by preventing from accidents, injuries, diseases and decreasing the risks and safety & health dangers, preventing environmental pollutions and wastes management
  • To improve the cooperation culture , consultant, promoting knowledge to qualitative, health, safety and environmental issues
  • To determine and revise the energy micro and macro goals and continuous improvement of energy performance for achieving this goals
  • To create the areas for access to resources and required information and observing informative activities and education for improving the competence of employees
  • Commitment to compliance to legal requirements and other necessaries and supporting purchase activities, provide and design for improving the management systems performances

Also at the end of each year by observing beneficiary parties comments, draw the next year goals and  in each management session shall review the degree of its realization and allocate the required resources and appreciate all cooperation of dear partner in scoring the programs and access to designated purposes


Kangan Petro refining company (Private Joint Stock)